Basic Elements Cafe, New Brunswick, New Jersey-2002
Rodeo Ristra, Hoboken, New Jersey- 2003
Luna Stage, Montclair, New Jersey-2003
Hudson County Art Supply, Jersey City, NJ- Sept. 2005
C. Magor Gallery, Ridgewood, NJ- June. 22-July 6, 2006
The Stable Gallery, Life of an Artist - March 2008
Java Ink Cafe, Philadelphia, PA - May 2011-April 2012
La Citadelle , Philadelphia, PA - September 2011 - April 2012

George Street Playhouse ,New Brunswick , NJ-1997
Maxwells, Hoboken, New Jersey-Open Studio Tour- Oct.2003
Art Gotham Gallery, New York, NY-Square Foot Show - Oct. 2005
Prisma Productions, Newark, New Jersey-Detour-Oct. 13-16, 2005
Fifth Stone Studios, Philadelphia, PA-Philly Stir Fry Live- Nov. 5, 2005
Ave. A Japanese Ballery Restaurant, New York, NY-11/05-12/05
A.W.O.L Gallery, Toronto, ON-Square Foot IV-11/18-12/11/05
The Well, PA - Feb-April. 1. 2006
Arthouse, New Brunswick, NJ - May 6, 2006
Modesto Art Museum, Modesto, CA
Ben Franklin 300th -Current Pinky, France
The Mondial Day Against AIDS-12/1/05

University of Iowa Libaries, Iowa City, Iowa-cARTalog-2006
Foritude Valley, Queensland, Australia, Food Labels -2006
Elassona, Greece, Psychedelic Mail Art -Feb-March 2006
Mona Lisa's 500th Anniversary, Castel S. Pietro Terme, Italy- 3/06
The Midnight Cow, Flostoy, Belgium- 3/06
Lemon Art, Massa Lubrense, Italy- 4/2006
Kisses, Madrid, Espana- 3/2006
Municipal Culteral Centre "Melina" Athens, Greece, Psychedelic Mail Ar-t3/06
Menagerie Raw Natural Born Artist, G Lounge, Philadelphia, PA  - April 5th, 2012

Sales Gaspillee - 1st Friday Exhibition April 2013 with Rose Crook

Xiuzhu Shao - Dark Eyes, 2004, Acrylic on Canvas 
Joe Chielli -  Rania Al Baz , 2004 , Acrylic on Canvas
James Foytlin, Jr., Lovers, 2002, Acrylic on canvas
Kathleen G. Paige, Lady Sleeping, Acrylic on round canvas
Thomas Tskalakos, Band in Motion, Acrylic on round canvas
Lynn & Jennifer Hanley, Dancing to the sun, Acrylic on canvas
Denise Barbarita, Maxwell Collaboration with Bruce Carl Meyers,2003
Modesto Art Museum, Modesto, CA-Mail Art
Pinky, France - Mail Art
University of Iowa Libaries, Iowa City, Iowa-cARTalog
Ioanna Papachristou, Greece-Psychedlic Cat Mail-Art
Annie La'Bel, Australia-Food Labels Mail-Art
Powerline Designs, c/o Graig McKenzie, Marine City, MI- Jan 2006
Linda Woods, Valencia, CA- Jan 2006
Kala Vilches, Victoria, BC, Canada-Jan 2006
RF Cote, Quebec, Canada- Feb. 2006
ANNA BOSCHI , Castel S. Pietro Terme, Italy- March 2006
L'Hélicon asbl, Flostoy, Belgium- March 2006
Roberto Scala, Massa Lubrense, Italy- April 2006
Luis Diaz, Madrid, Espana- May 2006

The Sound and Vision Gallery, Hudson Current, Sept. 1-7, 2005
Monroe Center 'Woes For Local Artist,', Sept. 6, 2005
Upstage Magazine, Sept. 2005
Featured Telekinesis Jewelry , Carpal Tunnal Magazine, Dec. 2005
Kristine Di Grigoli Paige: Works from 1997-2006, Access Arts©, May 8, 2006

Metropolitan Museum for the Gifted 1994, Top Ten Placement, Aug. 25, 2006

Guinness Ads, Mc Swiggans, Hoboken, New Jersey, 2003
Front Cover of Denise Barbarita's Album Chaos & Congeniality
Designed Saws for interior Decoration, Mc Swiggans, Hoboken, N.J., 2005
Body Painting for Fiesta Caliente 2nd Annual Fashion show 2007